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03/02/2018 – Current Projects

I’ve decided that a regular update post about what I’m currently working on may be in order. So here’s the first 🙂


I have now completed scanning all the sketches from my Volume 1 Moleskine and the results are better than I expected. I was right in thinking that they wanted to be bigger, I’ve started inking one at A3 and it’s looking really good so far 🙂

I’ve still to complete the remaining 12 Glyph sketches and have a few still awaiting inking. I have been a bit scattershot in my approach recently and managed to be easily distracted by playing with my new scanner.

Other Work

WIP of Caprion Blue poster project.

Another ongoing project is a trial run of something I could offer as a commission piece. It’s a poster in the style of a comic book cover for the Stars Without Number campaign I’m playing online with a few friends. I’m working out how long it takes me, and the process involved, in order to work out a reasonable price. I may offer it as a package, with individual character studies, portrait images, and maybe decorated location maps (party hideout/base, starship, etc) as I’ll be creating a lot of these resources in the process of developing the piece. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll keep you updated on progress.


I still need to get my store up and running, sort out putting originals up for sale, and source a decent supplier for prints that can be easily integrated with WooCommerce. This is a task that I know I’m avoiding. It’s basically what I do at my ‘real’ job all day and I’m not particularly keen on having to do it when I get home, as you may understand. It needs doing though if I want to pay the bills. Watch this space for an announcement 🙂

I also need to start posting more regularly, which is part of the purpose of this post. I’ll be looking to post weekly on a Saturday with an update on the progress of current projects.

As always, follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates 🙂 I’ll look into setting up a newsletter once I have a posting/creating/admin routine worked out. I have also been neglecting my Patreon which I plan to link to this blog so that any patron only content is seamlessly integrated.

These are technical admin tasks that I really need to consciously make time for instead of falling into the absorbtion of working on currently ongoing projects. I have resolved not to start anything new until I’ve finished something else, again: we’l see how that goes.


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