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10/02/2018 – Current Project Progress


I’ve not actually sketched anything new recently, unless you count the development work I’ve been doing for the Caprion Blue Comic Cover (See Below). I’ve still 10 or so Glyphs to sketch to complete the set of 72, but I hope to get these done over the weekend.

As you may have noticed, I finished inking Sinister Augmentations, and if you follow my instagram you’ll see I’ve started another. Anfractuous Piacularity is one of my favourites. Remember, if you have a particular favourite you want to see inked, I’m not working through these in any particular order and am open to suggestions as to which to do next 🙂 Comment on the sketch you want inked, and I’ll add it to the queue.

Other Work.

Progress on the Caprion Blue test commission was slow this week, I’m writing this on Thursday though so might get a little more done this evening. (I did, see the gallery below, still a wasys to go yet mind).

My gaming group plays over the internet using and Discord, and I actually get the most inspiration and sketching/development done while we’re playing. They’re pretty impressed with the progress so far, and have suggested going as far as making an actual comic out of the events of our first few sessions. I’m actually considering it, but it is a ton of work, especially for a one man show.


I got my website themed and tweaked to my liking this week, this is why there’s not been as much progress on art as I’d like. I have to reconcile the fact that the admin scut-work has to be done, and this portion at least, only needs doing once.

The theme on this site is an adapted version of Hitchcock by Anders Norén. I copied it, renamed it, and stopped it trying to update when Hitchcock updates. Then I hooked it into WooCommerce, and adjusted the CSS to my specs. There were a few quirks in the original which I ‘fixed’ as well, the most puzzling of which was that the background image was hard-coded into the CSS so didn’t change when it was changed in the customiser, but I’m unsure as to whether this was deliberate or not.

The Shop is also now OPEN! Only a few original notecards available for the moment but more originals and prints of existing ones will be available soon.

As always, if you notice anything funky about the behaviour of the site, please do let me know. It is still very much a work in progress.

Business Development.

I’ve started firming up what will be going into a portfolio. I’m planning to develop one which I can carry around with me and show galleries etc. This will be further developed into a pack which I can send out to publishers and agents to see about getting a colouring book deal or other illustration gigs.

I’m also looking into Amazon’s CreateSpace for self-publishing books of my linework for colouring, but this is very much a contingency for if I don’t get any interest from a publisher.

I’ve finalised my letterhead and business card, and unified the branding across all my social outlets. I’ll also be working on further variations on the logo.

I’m also going to see a local picture framer to get some costs for framing my work and an idea of shipping costs for framed pieces. I hope to eventually offer the option to purchase originals and prints either rolled (tube, cheaper shipping, you can frame to suit your decor), or mounted and framed. Obviously I need to cost this.

Interesting stuffs.

I was planning to be going down to Dumfries to have a look at this exhibition, but have been struck down with the something horrible so will have to rethink.

I’ll try and make an effort to collect some other things to put in here for next week.

Next Week.

Plans for next week include finishing Anfractuous Piacularity, making more progress on Caprion Blue, and sorting out getting more of my work listed for sale on this site. I still need to figure out how I’m going to go about selling prints and need to find somewhere that will print notecards and postcards on demand. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know in the comments.

That’s it for this week, I’m away to feel sorry for myself and watch something mindless on the telly.


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