The Art of Keith Neilson – Originals, Prints, Commissions


Chaotica Cycles

Escherian Convergencies (A3, Linework)

Emissarily Objectified (A3, Linework)

Reflexive Determinism (A3, Linework)

Interglobularised Connectivation (A3, Linework)

Nodum (A3, Linework)

Cardiologica Extremis (A3, Linework)

Anfractuous Piacularity (A3, Linework)

Sinister Augmentations (A3, Linework)

Alluvialist Topographiciation, C3-CH02-LIV

Topographicating Alluvialisms, C3-O02-LIII

Omniperpetualism, C3-O02-LII

Indistict Appelation, C3-O02-LI

Nodum, C3-O02-L

Intraoccipital Connections, C3-CH01-XLIX

Compositional Synthetiphage, C3-CH01-XLVIII

Toroidal Exigencies, C3-CH01-XLVII

West Ministerial Intrusions, C3-CH01-XLVI

Categorical Infirmity, C3-O01-XLV

Sinister Augmentations, C3-O01-XLIV


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