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I am an avid listener to Primordial Radio (3 Months free, no obligation, no payment details required if you sign up using that link) a UK based internet radio station which caters to the rock and metal community the world over.

On of their DJs, Dewsbury, was moving house and bemoaning the fact that because of this he couldn’t justify buying the new Spider-Man game and a PS4 to play it on. The #prfam went into action.

A post was started in the #prfam gaming group asking if people wanted to chip in and get Dews a PS4 and Spider-Man as a housewarming gift. The response was amazing and everyone pulled together to get the gift, and it’s presentation, organised. He ended up with a bit more than just Spider-Man…

I decided to design a card to go along with the PS4 and the above is the result. Something the #prfam have become known for is meme-ifying photos of the DJs and any of the rest of the #prfam who features in a photo with potential.

This pose of Dewsbury has been photo-shopped into a wide range of amusing perches by bored members of the #prfam so I thought it only approriate to turn it into a mock comic-book cover.

You can watch the presentation on the video here.

This is one of the reasons why Primordial is such a great thing. We’re a community and a family, not just listeners. We Are Primordial.

I’m going to be looking into offering commissions along similar lines, you provide me with a photo, a character, and the format of the piece (Comic-book cover or panel, Movie poster, or album cover) and I produce something like the above. I’ll be running a few trials for the #prfam to hone the process and get more examples and will announce pricing and more details once I’ve got a handle on how I’m going to admin things., Rock, Metal and Beyond.

If you are interested in joining the #prfam (which is totally #notacult) simply scan the qrcode above with an appropriate app or visit this link:


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