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The Guiding Hand

The Guiding Hand

We all get lost, drifting through life and the world. Seemingly without direction or purpose. Caught going in circles, around and around. The solution is in the palm of your hand.

The labyrinth is a mystic device and symbol which, along with varying rituals across the many cultures where it is found, is supposed to guide you out of these ever decreasing circles.

Often mistaken for a maze, which is designed to confuse and perplex, with false turns and dead ends. The labyrinth is a single path; no missed corners, no blind alleys. One way, from the centre to the edge, or the edge to the centre.

Follow the path, to find the centre, or reach the edge. It’s a meditative journey, even without the spiritualism and mystic overtones.

A3, Fineliners on cartridge paper.

Original Sketch and inking completed June 2018

Approx 24 hours work. Prints available.

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